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Haley was not the prototypical lesbian - not by a long shot. Lesbian Teens Slender and busty, with fashionable long hair and an affinity for makeup, she would never have been called a "dyke" by anyone. But she hadn't been with a man since her first year of college, and didn't have any desire to have one again in the future. Her interests and passions lay with the softer sex, and if there was one thing that she enjoyed more than anything else, it was parting the vaginal lips of another woman to kiss her in that most intimate of ways. Her already moist twat grew positively runny as she considered what Jessica's pussy must taste and smell like.
Being gay in a small New England town did not leave much opportunity for romance, unfortunately, and Haley hadn't been with a woman in several months - since before leaving France, in fact. Fortunately, she was not opposed to vaginal penetration as some lesbians are, and in fact loved her small collection of dildos and vibrators. One of the few benefits of living alone, she thought to herself, is that she didn't have to hide away her toys from prying eyes. In fact, for convenience, she kept her favorites underneath the second set of pillows on the bed. She reached for them now.
Haley withdrew a slim, curved tip plastic vibrator and a thick cyberskin dong from her hiding spot. Turning the vibrator on to a low speed, she mashed it against her clit and let her mind wander. Inevitably, visions of a naked, writhing Jessica filled her mind. Haley felt her body heat up as she envisioned their bodies intertwined in lust. She slowly increased the speed of the vibrations to match her arousal, but did not use the dildo yet. She usually preferred to climax at least once before pressing the thick dong inside of herself. That climax did not take long to achieve. Simply imagining kissing Jessica's soft red lips and tasting her sweet tongue was enough to bring Haley to a nice orgasm. She continued to turn up the vibrations without stopping, and then started pressing the dildo against her oozing gash. Teen lesbian She didn't try to fuck herself right away; instead she applied consistent pressure on the base of the dildo, letting it slowly sink into her as her pussy stretched to accommodate its girth. After a few minutes and some rocking of her hips, the toy was completely buried to its thick latex balls in her hungry cunt.
That was the signal for her to let loose, and she did. With long, steady strokes, she began working the cyberskin cock inside of herself, lesbian teens alternately withdrawing it to the thick head and then plunging it back into her steamy depths. All the while, she kept the vibrator, now on its highest speed setting, firmly pressed against her clit. The powerful sensations drove her wild and she came twice more as she tried to envision her fingers buried in Jessica's clenching pussy.
Over the course of the next couple weeks, Haley and Jessica saw each other occasionally. As she had described, Jessica was often out of the office, and as a professor Haley spent as much time out of the classroom as in it. However, when their schedules coincided, they found themselves drawn together. Lesbian Teens They rapidly became close friends and arranged to have lunch together whenever possible.
Haley learned gradually that Jessica's boyfriend of the past year, Harry, left a lot to be desired. It wasn't that he was abusive, or anything so dramatic, but over time she began to recognize a pattern of neglect and apathy that was shocking to her. It was hard for her to imagine that anyone, male or female, could look at her petite blonde friend without being consumed by her. It wasn't that Jessica was abjectly sexual. She simply exuded an aura of femininity, well put together yet delicate, that mated to her beautiful face and slender body to create a sensual desirability. Their lunches inevitably left Haley heated and masturbating both in the women's room during the day, and in her bedroom at night. But as exciting as this time was, it was also immensely frustrating for Haley. As their friendship deepened, it became more difficult than ever to hold back the passion she felt. And there were no signs that the feelings were reciprocated. Haley found herself staring constantly at Jessica's firm 32B breasts, especially on those days when Jessica wore a tight sweater or let some cleavage show via a loose blouse. There were at least a couple of times that she really felt like she had been "caught", but Jessica never said anything about it.
One Friday evening they went to dinner at a neighborhood Spanish restaurant and rapidly put away a pitcher of sangria. Haley had noticed that Jessica was dressed a little sexier than normal, and wearing a touch more makeup. As they chatted and nibbled on appetizers, giggling frequently from the intoxicating effects of the fruity liquor, Haley couldn't keep herself from making a comment. "Jessica, you look great tonight," she said lightly. her first lesbian sex "What's the occasion?" Jessica scrunched up her face in irritation and waved the waiter over for a fresh carafe of sangria. When her glass had been refilled, she finally responded. "I was supposed to see my boyfriend tonight, the asshole. But right before I ran into you he called and cancelled - said there was a game on that he was going to watch with his buddies. He pulls this shit all the fucking time!"
Haley was shocked by the sudden outburst, which was followed almost instantly by giddy laughter as Jessica teen lesbian sex realized she had stunned her friend. She had not previously sworn once, much less three times in a single sentence, in front of Haley. Haley struggled to find something to say. From what she had come to believe, this was vintage Harry, and she felt that the guy was a real jerk who didn't deserve his fabulous girlfriend. But then she was also biased with a hidden agenda, so how much could she really attack the guy without looking like a jerk herself? Luckily Jessica solved the problem for her by calling for the check. She flirted with the waiter for a few moments until she had convinced him to pour the rest of their pitcher of sangria into a couple large to-go cups. hot lesbian sex "Let's get out of here," Jessica said, taking Haley's arm.
"Where do you want to go?" Haley asked. Not that it really mattered, since she would have gone just about anywhere in order to spend more time with the object of her desires. "Isn't your place just around the corner?" Jessica asked gaily. "We can play cards or something." That settled, the two blondes left the restaurant arm in arm and headed out along the moderately trafficked Main Street. Haley had rented a medium-sized apartment right in town when she had arrived at the college earlier that fall. It was convenient to shopping, dining, and the small four-screen cinema downtown. This evening she was very glad to have chosen such a convenient location. Jessica surprised her once again as they passed the corner store by her apartment though.

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The sun streamed through the tall, Teen Lesbian Sex thick panes of glass to fall on half a dozen canvases in varying stages of completion. The angle of the late afternoon light set a diffuse golden tone in the high-ceilinged room that made the paint colors deeper and more intense. Haley glanced at her delicate watch, and then gave a final word of instruction to the young man standing before her.
"All right class, that will be it for the day. Good work everyone. Remember, the studio will be open for after-hours work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays beginning next week and running until the start of the exhibition." It was mid-fall in New Hampshire, a beautiful time of year when the trees were just starting to reach peak foliage color. Haley taught most of the advanced fine arts hot lesbian sex courses at the small, exclusive college nestled in the White Mountains. She was young for a professor, only 29, but had already achieved a measure of success in a few small galleries, and had recently been invited to join the faculty after receiving an advanced degree from a renowned school in Paris.
She glanced up at the row of offices lining the south wall of the room at the second story. Actually they were more like finely appointed cubicles, since there were no walls between them - nor even anything separating them from the painting studio. Of course, in the spirit of historic preservation, the buildings were not to be modified from their original configuration, so it was not really a surprise that some overflow administration functions had been squeezed in this way. Haley hadn't had the opportunity hot lesbian sex yet in her six weeks with the school to make her way up and see exactly what the offices were used for.
Suddenly a head appeared over the chest high wall that did double duty as a pseudo-privacy barrier as well as a safety rail marking the edge of the loft. Haley felt her chest tighten with excitement. It was a small blonde woman she had noticed only twice before. The blonde had long, wavy hair and piercing green eyes that sat behind an unusual and interesting pair of glasses. About 5'4", she had a petite frame that was always draped in fashionable clothing. Haley felt her thighs tingle when the blonde caught her gaze and waved her up. "I'm Jessica," she introduced herself simply once Haley found the stairway up. She held out a delicate hand with a perfect French manicure. Haley was surprised by the strength of her grasp as they shook hands. "Haley," she reciprocated. "I teach the upper-level fine arts courses here."
"I know," Jessica smiled with a row of beautifully white teeth. "I watch you a lot." Haley tried to mask her expression, but Jessica saw Teen Lesbian Sex through the attempt and blushed, realizing that her wording sounded a bit strange. "I mean I watch your class a lot, and look at the paintings. When the Dean decided to open this row of offices over here, I jumped at the chance to get one of them. I just love art," she explained.
Haley was more used to being the leader in a conversation, but Jessica had definitely taken her by surprise. She flipped her own long, straight blonde hair back from her face and flashed Jessica a warm smile. "So what is it that you do here?" she asked. "I've been meaning to come take a look up here, but I'm always too busy." "I work in alumni relations," Jessica said, then gave Haley a short description of what that entailed. "Mostly, my day is spent on the phone or talking with people," she concluded. "I've only seen you in passing a couple of times before today," Haley noted.
Jessica nodded. "I host a number of events as part of the job, so I'm often out of the office or traveling." "That must be tough on your husband, if you're married," Haley ventured. She was digging for information, not having noticed a wedding band. Something about Jessica excited her very deeply, but she guessed it was too much to hope for that this stunning woman would be bisexual or a lesbian. "No, I'm not married," Jessica said wistfully.
"Boyfriend?" Her first lesbian sex
A sour expression crossed Jessica's face. "If you can call him that, I guess." It was obvious that it was a sore subject, so Haley left it alone. Instead, she broached a new topic. "Say, those are great glasses!" Jessica smiled gratefully, both for the compliment and for being off the hook about the boyfriend subject. After a few more minutes of talking, she suggested that they get a bite to eat in town.
Later that night, after a few glasses of wine, platefuls of pasta, and copious amounts of giggling, Haley was lying in her bed. Or perhaps floating upon her sheets would have been more accurate. She was positively smitten. Her first lesbian sex! They had gotten along amazingly, soon talking like lifelong friends. The tingling in her cunt was still present, and growing more intense by the second as she reflected upon the evening. Soon Haley could feel a thin trickle of her honeyed juices slipping out of her gash to soak the hem of the nightgown she wore.

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Teen Lesbian Sex Steffi Lange swep into her office with a grim look on her face while her executive assistant, Shelly Engel, rolled her eyes and thought to herself, "Oh shit, it's gonna be one of those days!!!" After pouring a fresh cup of coffee, she knocked on Steffi's door and entered he boss's office. "Here's your coffee and the Journal, she said, placing them on the desk in front of the blond executive. "Men are such pigs," spat Steffi! "What happened," asked Shelly, as she took a chair across from the large desk in front of her boss? Hot Lesbian Sex "When I was walking from the train I think every man on the street must have looked at my chest, it just makes me sick," said an irate Steffi!!! Now Steffi Lange was a very good looking woman with mane of blond hair and long slim legs, she is just naturally going to command attention from the opposite sex, but what really makes them sit up and take notice, however, is her more than ample chest, an easy 38D, she is every man's wet dream! Her unusually large nipples seem to be constantly erect, and it seemed that now matter how heavy a bra or blouse, they poke through the fabric and saying to the world, "Here I am, look at me," and that is exactly what happens! This morning for example, at least twice one man poked another in the ribs just to point out her obvious assets! In the winter at least she could cover up with a heavy coat, but in this heat, even a light jacket felt oppressive!!!
Shelly got up from her chair and walked around behind Steffi's chair and slid her hands down and cupped the over stuffed chest that was still heaving from the tirade! "Let me help you relax, boss," offered Shelly! As many times as she had held them, Shelly was still mesmerized by the heft and firmness of such a large bust, and under her expert hand, the already hard nipples strained even harder to poke through the thin cloth. Steffi leaned back and was noticeably quieter as she the magic fingers massaged her heavy tits while Shelly asked softly, "More?!?" After a little nod from Steffi, Shelly unbuttoned the silk blouse and reached inside to feel the sheer bra that was being asked to do a lot of work holding all that tit flesh in place! Steffi was now squirming in her chair, opening and closing her legs, trying to put pressure on her now wet pussy as her assistant manipulated her massive chest!!! Teen Lesbian Sex
Continuing to work on her tits, Shelly could feel her own vagina beginning to secrete fluid, and both women were now feeling the familiar ache deep inside their cunts. Not able to ignore her pussy any longer, Steffi reached into her bottom desk drawer and pulled out a large black strap on dildo and handed it back to Shelly while both women stopped what they were doing and quickly stripped off all their clothing. Hot Lesbian Sex Shelly loved seeing Steffi naked, because besides her big boobs, the rest of her was perfect too, from her long slim legs to the perfect blond vee of pubic hair that covered a very puffy pair of pussy lips, her first lesbian sex Steffi had a stunning body to say the least! Having gotten out of her own clothes, Shelly stepped into the harness and adjusted the straps on the big rubber cock while Steffi implored her, "Hurry Shel, I'm on fire," until it was fitted into place, sticking out obscenely from Shelly's hot crotch. "Top or bottom," Shelly asked Steffi softly?!? "I want to ride it," a now panting Steffi said! Shelly lay down on top of the desk leaving with "her" fuck pole sticking straight up in the air as Steffi dexterously mounted her secretary and lowered her gaping slit onto the knob of the latex monster while slowly she grinding her twat down until all nine thick inches had disappeared into her slot! Groaning as each inch slid in, she lifted one of her nipples to her lips and sucked on it greedily! Seeing her boss flaunt her body in this fashion made Shelly cup her own tits and twist her hard little nipples! Steffi now was working her pussy up and down the massive member, her orgasm flooding through her cunt as it contracted around the thick ebony Hot Lesbian Sex monster!!!
After resting for a moment to get her breath, Steffi realized that Shelly still hadn't gotten off and whispered, "Let me help you lover," while removing the strapon and exposing Shelly's crack for her waiting mouth!!! Steffi loved eating Shelly's pussy as it always tasted so sweet, but what really turned her on was Shelly's clit! It was much bigger than her own little nub, and stuck out from the mass of brown pussy fur almost begging to be sucked on!!! Finding her little "friend" already erect, Steffi at first flicked her tongue over it's little head, and then sucked it between her lips and teeth. After only several minutes of nipping and licking, the little slut was filling her mouth with hot cunt juice, her orgasm seemingly lasting forever!!! Steffi was a little jealous of Shelly that way, because her own cums were hard but much quicker than Shelly's, who just seemed to ride an endless wave of climaxes!!!
"What a way to start the morning," said a fully sated Shelly! Looking at the clock, Steffi said, "Look at the time, we gotta get to work," so after dressing, Shelly kissed Steffi on the cheek and said, "I just hope those dirty old men keep looking at your tits!" her first lesbian sex Steffi just laughed and said, "Off to work!"

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Hot Lesbian Sex story!! It was so hot and sticky, Angela was sure that the other riders of the bus could smell it as well. Her cunt, her pussy, her quim, call it what you liked, but at this very moment Angela's vagina was leaking like a dripping water faucet! Now if she had worn panties teen lesbian well then maybe no one would have noticed, but Angela never wore panties, because, well because she was what in polite circles they call and exhibitionist! At this very moment Angela had made eye contact with a middle aged man who was seated across from her, and with barely flickering eyes she dropped them nonchalantly to her lap, while casually spread her legs, giving him an eye full of inner thigh and closely cropped pussy fur! His eyes went from her crotch back to her face, but he immediately knew that she wanted him to look, just by the smirking little half smile that crossed her lips. He wet his lips with his tongue, glanced around to see if anyone else was watching, and then let his gaze fall to Angela's nether region and for the next five minutes he stared at the plump brown haired slit, only taking his eyes off it to see if anyone had discovered his furtive activity!!! When they were almost to Angela's stop, she shifted her weight slightly and flexed her cunt muscles, causing her lips to bulge in and out, separating slightly to give a glimpse of her pink crack. Angela thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, so she smirked at him again and gave him one final pussy flex for good measure! She then closed her legs, stood up to exit the bus, and while giving him a lilting, "Have a nice day sir," breezed past him out the door and onto the street.
Her First Lesbian Sex Walking the two blocks to her office, Angela could feel her lips sliding back and forth against each other with each step, and if should would have concentrated on it she could have easily induced an orgasm, but she wanted to wait until she had a chance to have one while she was showing herself to an unsuspecting stranger! In her office, Angela went straight to the rest room and went into a stall and wiped the dew off the outer lips of her pussy, while shuddering when the tissue nicked the tip of her swollen clitoris, causing yet another spate of nectar to flood from her pussy. The door to the rest room swung open and Angela heard some one entering as a familiar voice called out, "Is that you Ang?" "Yeah, Jackie, it's me, come on in," replied Angela to her good friend Jackie. Hot Lesbian Sex "What are you doing in here," scolded a laughing Jackie while taking in an eyeful of Angela's exposed vagina. "Just doing a little house keeping," answered a grinning Angela, as she continued daubing at her nether lips while Jackie lifted the hem of her own dress, giving Angela a peek at her own naked vagina. Each woman then put a finger inside the other's pussy and fingered it vigorously, and since each of them was sopping wet to begin with, they brought each other to quick hard orgasms, kissing deeply while their fingers whipped over each others clits. After making sure no one else was in the rest room with them, they quietly slipped out of the stall and headed back to the office, with very satisfied pussies indeed!!!
It was warm day, so the two women decided to eat their lunched out doors in a office plaza a few blocks away. While Angela was usually a little coy about her flashing, Jackie on the other had would be considered a slut! While they were sitting on a short brick fence eating their food, Jackie overtly exposed herself to at least three passing men, surprising one of them to the point that he accidentally ran into a tree while trying to keep his eyes on Jackie's hairy cunt! Just as they were finishing their drinks, Jackie said, "The next person who walks by gets a good look, male or female!" Angela started to say something, but Jackie hushed her up with, "Shush, Ang, here comes one now!" Angela looked over her shoulder just in time to see a fortyish woman approaching from behind her while the hot pussied Jackie was already getting the hem of her dress pulled up and her cunt pointing directly at the approaching target! Now facing the woman straight on, she smiled and said, "Nice day huh," while spreading wide her smooth thighs. Expecting the woman to march off indignantly, both of them were shocked when she stopped and casually commented on how pretty Jackie's vagina was!!! Angela, now getting into the swing of things, leaned back and spread her own legs, giving the woman a perfect shot of her bulging vulva. The woman introduced herself as Meg a young teen lesbian, and asked if she could stand there awhile an ogle their pussies, and talk dirty to them. Both Angela and Jackie heartily agreed, and tried to give Meg the best view possible of their dripping slits. Meg began asking the most intimate of questions, such as when was the last time either of them had let a man put a penis inside of them, or when was the last time that they had let a man stick a tongue into their cunts and lick their erect little clits!?! It was truly amazing to be sitting in a crowded area, surrounded by hundreds of people while exposing yourself to a total stranger, and then incredilby having her talk to you about your most secret sexual exploits!!! Her First Lesbian Sex!!
Angela, now breathing hard, her pussy flooded with juice, and her lips engorged with blood, asked the woman, "Do you love wet vaginas?!?" The woman nodded and replied, "Especially when they are peeking out from under a skirt, their lips bulging and dripping with dew!" Jackie chimed in with, "Meg, are you wet now, too?" "Oh, my yes," she hissed quietly, "my slit is making my panties sopping wet!" All three woman then began asking each other the crudest things about Hot Lesbian Sex, an made the most obscene comments about each others crotches until Angela announced, "I'm going to cum now, will anyone join me?!?" Both Jackie and Meg nodded vigorously, while Jackie and Angela tightened and untightened their vaginal muscles, Meg held her legs close together and worked the inside of her legs against her clit as the three red hot pussies spasmed simultaneously while the three owners gritted their teeth and tried to disguise the fact that they were all having very hard orgasms right out in public!!!
There was a public rest room in the building adjacent to the plaza, so Jackie and Angela begged Meg to go with them and show them her pussy, and even though she was running a little late, she agreed to show it to them, but only for a moment! There was a large handicapped stall at the far end of the room, so the three women waited until the coast was clear, an then hustled into the oversized cubicle, whiole giggling like a gaggle of school girls!!! Jackie was beside herself with anticipation, and begged Meg to hurry up. Meg reached under her skirt and slid her white lace panties down to her shoes, where she carefully stepped out of them, and then in a very deliberate manner, turned to face the two breathless women, before slowly lifting her skirt to reveal a very hairy blonde vee of pubic hair. It was matted from a combination of the tight panties and the cunt juice that had leaked from her vagina, but a very excited Jackie sucked in her breath and asked Meg if it was all right if she touched it? "Oh, go ahead," whispered Meg, "but make it snappy, cuz I have to get back to the office!" Jackie's middle finger quickly disappeared in the jungle of fur and burrowed around until it found the hard little nub that was the center of Meg's sexuality as her finger soon became the most important thing in Meg's life, as it was carrying her on a wave towards a deep orgasm! Angela, in the mean time, had sat down on the john, pulled up her dress, and was mindlessly fingering her own wet slit while Meg leaned forward and kissed Jackie on the mouth, forcing open her lips with her tongue and probing the young woman's mouth. Angela slipped her free hand up and under Jackie's dress and used her fingers to bring her friend close to another climax. Not more than ten minutes ago these three woman had climaxed without even touching their vaginas, but now, they were not only touching them, they were fingering them like there was no tomorrow!!! Just before they blew, Meg pulled her mouth from Jackie's and whispered hoarsely, "There is nothing like girl-girl sex!!!" Angela was the first to groan, but she was quickly followed by her teen lesbian two masturbatory compatriots in deep hard orgasms! Jackie licked the sweet nectar off her fingers, kissing Meg one more time before she had to leave!!!
On the way back to work, Jackie looked at Angela and said, "Nice lunch, we have to do that again sometime!" Angela laughed and replied, "Yeah, and it's not too fattening either!!!"